Important Asbestos Facts You Should Know

Almost 39,000 people die each year due to complications associated with asbestos exposure. That’s far too many lives lost when it’s easy to find a professional to come out and inspect your home, office, and/or business to ensure that asbestos is not present. This important asbestos testing portland oregon can protect your life as well as the lives of your family, employees, and other important people in your life. The costs of the testing for asbestos presence vary, but it is reasonably priced for even a modest budget.

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A few important facts about asbestos important to know:

·    The U.S. is one of just a handful of countries that still allows asbestos use in products that it makes. In fact, asbestos is banned in 60 countries!

·    There are many causes of work-related injuries every single year, but do you know the number one cause of work related deaths? If you said asbestos exposure, you’d be correct on that assumption.

·    More than 1.3 million people work in industries that expose them to asbestos every single day!

·    Asbestos is actually fibrous materials found in a variety of building products. Five different types of asbestos exist, including amosite, tremolite, anthophyllite, crocidolite, chrysotile.

·    Industries that are most at risk for asbestos exposure include construction, mining, auto mechanics, firefighters, millers, plumbers, electricians

Asbestos is deadly but you can make sure that it’s not present at your building with regular testing. The tests are easy to perform and provide worthwhile information that allows you to protect your home and business and the people inside. Take all the steps necessary to protect yourself from the devastating consequences of asbestos exposure! Schedule those tests and you are doing one of the best things possible to protect yourself.